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Directive:  "Create an anthem for our sports nutrition brand Living Jade. We want to emphasize healthy living, positive attitude and giving your all."
Living Jade Verse
Wire from the president, flyer to your residence
Jade here to represent, perseverance represent
Heaven sent sentiment, treat yourself benevolent
Refine body mind where challenges is evident
Evidence essential of her essence instrumental
Any obstacle or hurdle is purely incidental
Starts with your mental, gotta make your body metal
Then ya bloom like a pedal under moons in a meadow

Staying sharp as stilettos in all of life's areas
Ending the hysteria and freeing up America
Killing mind malaria with quotes like an antidote
Running like an antelope, pushing up the envelope
Rope climb inclines reaching up for sunshine
Reaching for your dreams one thing at a time
Bar above ya chest next, reaching for ya next breath
Change is a decision, take percision wit' ya next step
Client Testimonial

"Rap Rebirth's take on our corporate philosophy was spot on.

We supplied the tag line, the type of music we wanted the beat to resemble and the style we were envisioning for our different markets.

From a few sentences, Rap Rebirth brought us something that was not just a gimmick but a product that was professional, clever and beyond what we expected.

They continuously worked with the tempo as requested slowing down where need be and speeding up same.

Changing words to fit with our style was a snap and they did so without penny pinching or complaining that we kept changing styles.

They worked with us till we got it perfect. I'm planning on working with them for our video shoot music and backgrounds beats.

Highly recommend for an ad campaign."

Jade Alexis, New York City, NY
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