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Note: Sample does not represent actual client
Assembling adrenaline, resembling Ferraris
Accelerate like cheetahs running meters past safaris
Starry eyed, light speed, hyperspace, take heed
Featherweight form meets a storm or a stampede
It's me and the moment, this is my atonement
For every single bone that bent to postponement
This is my enthronement, kicks for a new day
Kicking down the door, don't mind what they might say
Coming through like light rays, this is jus a jog to you
To me it's liberation, true emancipation overdue
Hip-hop is everywhere. It encompasses entertainment, fashion and technology. Its influence is seen in every country and is heard in every language.

In the business world, thousands of firms use elements of hip-hop in their marketing and product aesthetics.

At Rap Rebirth we invite you to a closer integration. We write beautiful, jaw dropping lyrics to be placed directly on your products or on their packaging.

The lyrics highlight your brand's intangible qualities as well as explicit features and benefits. The style and tone are targeted to your customers' sensibilities.

These lyrics can also take the form of ongoing hip-hop narratives. These stories link your products together, intrigue your customers, and compel them to continue the story by purchasing additional products.

Branding using hip-hop lyrics works great for consumer products like apparel and beverages.
Branded lyrics connect with the customer in a unique way, speaks a language that resonates with them, and differentiates your product from the masses.

Get started today by telling us about your company. Be sure to include information about your brand (be it a product or service) and your customers.

Let us know if you have any questions or ideas. We look forward to working with you.
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