Writer's block is a challenge rappers face every day. You sit down to write and the lyrics don't flow. You take a break, come back and still nothing. It's frustrating, time consuming and keeps you from making music.

What if you could have industry quality lyrics on demand? What if these lyrics were tailored to your unique style, background and subject matter? What if you could have them within 48 hours and at an affordable price?

Rap Rebirth makes this a reality. We write lyrics based on the concepts you want and info you tell us. Our lyrics are of the highest quality and your privacy is 100% confidential. Our service is fast and includes a full refund of your sample if you're not satisfied. We write albums, mixtapes, songs, verses, lines, hooks and whatever else you need.


We're serious hip-hop heads who love raw lyricism. Our artistic influences include Nas, Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest, Ras Kass, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Big L, MF DOOM, Elzhi, Jay Electronica, Lauryn Hill, Raekwon and The Notorious BIG. We can write in any style you choose including Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, Game, Nicki Minaj, Mac Miller, Tupac, Eminem, T.I. and 50 Cent.

Everybody runs into writer's block. It's part of the natural writing process. Rap Rebirth leads you out of the darkness with lyrics to jumpstart your creativity. Learn more about the process and take a look at our samples. When you're ready get an 8 bar custom sample tailored to your style on any subject matter you choose. Get started today.

Quick and easy

A few days after you make your purchase you'll get your lyrics. Lyrics are sent as text with an audio reference track attached.


Lyrics are tailored to your style, subject matter,
and fan base. You tell us what you want and we'll deliver.

Industry quality

Outstanding lyrical quality. That includes punch lines, multi-syllable rhymes, metaphors, wordplay, and storytelling.


Service is 100% confidential. The only person who sees your information is the writer.


If you need a revision we'll go back and make the necessary changes to your lyrics and reference track.

Your rights

You own the rights to the lyrics you buy. That includes any revision or sample verse.